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by Aaron R. Plush

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The How.

Now let us jump right in. The How. A specific example of how I work as a Consultant, always begins with listening. A needs assessment is conducted with each potential client to truly understand your ask of me. To define your needs, wants and desires.

The age-old mantra of us having 2 ears and only 1 mouth is applicable here. During the consultation, there is a whole lot more listening than talking from me. I truly desire to get to know you, my client and what is important to you. Any talking from me during the Consultation will include questions, questions, questions and more questions, and on top of that you guessed it, more questions. My objective is to truly understand and know with certainty where you are; where you are desiring to go and where you want to be. Learning a lot of your “why” along the way. (With the focus on understanding where you have been and are currently)

The Separator

My separator is and always will be my focus on and attention to detail. I truly home, hone and zero in on both what you are saying as a client, while acknowledging what you are not saying as well. (A true needs assessment; backed by due diligence). It is job 1 for me to ascertain the future state that you desire to attain.

being a business consultant

When I say the detail, I am talking about the fact that everything you are saying to me during the consultation is important. I ensure and provide you with a sense of relief by letting you know that I am truly listening to understand based upon the probing ~ deeper dive questions, while gaining confirmation from you by reiterating what I am hearing and restating for crystal clarity.

After the “interrogation” style, no I am just kidding, ‘kinda’ lol ~ after the thorough consultation it affords me the opportunity to define a Statement of Work (SOW) with you to determine our A-to-Z action plan that will be required to get us where you desire to go.

All services are provided with significant life and professional experiences that have all taught me humility and humbleness in all things from God when operating in my gift and passion of consulting.

being a consultant

“This is how we do it…”

With each entry we take a deeper dive into the how of this process; how the implementations really work, and how we make The Spectacular happen together.

Until next time, that’s all folks…

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  1. Adri-ANNE

    Love this koncept! Very unique marketing strategy to provide an overview of your business and services. No better way to sell yourself (not that you need to) than to tell your own story.

    • Aaron R. Plush

      Absolutely Adri-anne you always get it my friend. Beyond the marketing strategy it is a build out of my voice demo and portfolio. Much more voice work to come including my podcast and some other fun exciting projects.

      As well as truly telling my own story of the amazing professional career and journey God is allowing me to have. Your support is always beyond greatly appreciated!


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