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You are you!

You are not defined by your job and what you do. You are you, all about who you are… Being able to introduce yourself to someone without alluding to your career, job and/or profession is something we must normalize.

At the core of my consulting work I have found people and relationships to be at the center and key. Getting to know my client beyond their work styles and preferences has been paramount. Simply asking someone how they are doing, and meaning it, before starting a consultation or meeting makes a world of a difference. Inherently, we Humans want to be treated as humans. (All of us) As Janet has so eloquently phrased it on the Velvet Rope, “we all have the need to feel special.”

Chief of Staff

As I continue on this consulting journey it is my desire, goal and objective to always operate with a people first mindset and philosophy; furthermore, I am committed to it. A focus on who you are first, then we can get to the business at hand.

Knowing with certainty that what you do and how you work does not define you. It is a byproduct of who you are, yet it is not you! Be true to you. 

More about and with Authentic Realness is yet to come…

With each entry we take a deeper dive into the how of this process along with my experiences and perspectives; authentic realness takes my experiences and my perspectives to a whole ‘nother level; how the implementations really work, and how we make The Spectacular happen together.

Until next time, that’s all folks…

Aaron R. Plush Business Consultant


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