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I have learned a lot about business over the past 20 years and feel it is important to help as many people as possible be successful. To do that, I will be sharing my experiences with you here in hopes it will encourage and motivate you in the pursuit of your dreams and help improve your business. If there is a topic you would like to hear about, please drop me a line.

Authentic Realness Podcast (ARP)

Take a deep dive into the “how” of business processes with me, Aaron R. Plush, Consultant & Independent Contractor, as I talk about my experiences and perspectives as a senior corporate executive, Consultant, and Independent Contractor. Learn how implementations with me really work and how to make “The Spectacular” happen while being authentic to self. I help you dig deep, push forward, and find purpose while authentically remaining real and true.

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Born for Supplier Diversity

Born for Supplier Diversity

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Musical Bed: AfroPlush (produced by Ted White) Additional Audio Source: Monopoly Online Game, Bongo Brothers of the Marching 101, South Carolina State University
Born for Supplier Diversity A Black man, An African-American man, from…

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